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Incomplete (Eileen Sho Ji Remix) - Coastal

To produce this remix, I sampled select drums, bass, and vocals from Coastal's original song "Incomplete" and arranged them with original guitar and synth compositions. I also wrote and performed new lyrics to go with it.

Available on all streaming platforms:

Better Days

(Commission for KQED Arts & Culture)


I was asked by KQED to create an original musical piece that reimagines what our communities could look like in a post-COVID world. I wrote, sang, and produced an original song called 'Better Days' for the project. I also directed and shot a looping visual to go with the song, with the help of my close friend and collaborator, KEYYiN

Read the full write up about the project here:

Summer Heat

Original song produced, written, and performed by me (bass, guitar, and a vocal sample by Elujay)

Cover and video shot/directed by Brandon Davis, cover design and typography by Myles Thompson, creative direction by Siyah Bahal.

Screen Shot 2019-11-09 at 7.50.03 PM.png
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